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YSHIELD® GK5 | Primer concentrate | 1 litre  …£14.40 + vat + shipping


Specially-mixed, high quality primer concentrate for surface preparation with our carbon paints and wallpapers. For priming of solid old coats of paint, brittle, chalky and absorbent substrates. Consolidating, adhesion promoting, good penetration, regulates the absorbency.  Also recommended on our graphite shielding paints HSF54.

YSHIELD® GK5 | Primer Concentrate

Excluding VAT
  • Mix the concentrate (1 litre) with 4 litres of water, to yield 5 litres of primer. If you use tap-water, process within 48 hours. For application, use a first-class paint roller. Do not work at temperatures below 5°C/41°F. The consumption depends on the character and absorbency of the surface. Typical interior productivity 37.5 m², typical exterior productivity 25 m².

  • Pure-acrylic binder, additives, preservative (BIT, INN, MIT).

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