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YSHIELD® ECO-P80 | Shielding wallpaper | Width 90 cm | White one side; silver the other | 1 metre.


ECO-P80 is a one-side metallized cellulosic/polyester fleece wallpaper for the shielding of high frequency radiation (HF) and low-frequency electric fields (NF). This is our standard shielding product with high attenuation for walls, ceilings, and floors, suitable for both commercial properties, and provides attenuation from EMR sources operating at up to 40 GHz.


This wallpaper sells for £ 11.48 + vat + shipping for each 0.9 sq metre (90cm wide x 100cm long)

YSHIELD® ECO-P80 | Shielding Wallpaper [Sold by the Running Metre]

Excluding VAT
    • Width: 90 cm
    • Length: By the metre / 100 m roll
    • Attenuation: 80 dB / Surface conductivity: 0.02 ohm (square resistance)
    • Weight: 260 g/m² / Material thickness: 0.26 mm
    • Color: White / Silver
    • Tensile strength: 4400 (crosswise) - 6800 (lengthwise) N/m
    • Materials: Zinc, cellulosic pulp, polyester fibres


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