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The ME3830B, the digital ELF-VLF Meter for Electric & Magnetic Fields 16Hz-100,000Hz (100kHz)  


In addition to all the features of the ME3030B, the ME3830B has:

  • The full frequency response required by the standard of Building Biology for 16 Hz to 100 kHz. And it is unique in this price range, to be fully compensated up to 100 kHz for bias-free results.
  • This wider frequency range, into VLF, means that artificial harmonics are also captured, e.g. from energy-saving LED and fluorescent lamps, from switching power supplies, electronic devices, and dimmer switches - all of which are almost omnipresent in today’s households and offices.

The ME3830B

Excluding VAT
  • Manual for the ME3030B, ME3830B, and ME3840B

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