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Easy-to-use, sensitive, and informative, with digital display and sounder, it is the least expensive field strength meter on the market for the serious measurement of EMF/LF electrosmog caused by household/building power supply, wiring, and appliances, high-voltage power lines, electric rail, etc.  Essential for surveys, and for post-mitigation analysis.


Check electrosmog emissions from your electrical wiring and appliances

Just turn it on, set it to magnetic or electric field detection, and begin! This Digital Combination Meter boasts several distinct advantages for a meter in this price range.

The ME3030B

Excluding VAT
    • Wide frequency response: very flat (-1 dB) from 16 Hz to 2000 Hz; useful from 5 Hz to 7000 Hz (-3 dB)
    • Tremendous Sensitivity and Range: Magnetic: 1-2000 nT (0.01-20.00 mG); Electric: 1-2000 V/m
    • Accuracy: ±2% ±14 digits at 50/60 Hz
    • Your ME3030B is fully frequency compensated, not only the 50/60 Hz mains frequency (eg. high-voltage lines), but also the 16.7 Hz of the traction current overhead lines, and natural harmonics at 2 kHz are shown on without distortion.
    • Audio sounder which sounds like a Geiger counter, increasing in intensity as the field strength increases
    • Easy to operate, easy-to-read display
    • Comes complete with manual, standard 9-Volt battery, and 2-Year Warranty
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