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We have this very light grey material, with the occasional carbon thread showing - it's not a defect of the material's performance, as the shielding properties are not affected, so we're going to offer it throughout 2024 at a special price of £29.95 + vat for each running metre


Swiss-Shield® EVOLUTION-ULTRA™ | Polyester shielding fabric | 36 dB | very light grey colour | Width 200 cm | 1 metre | and sold by the running metre (which means the purchase of 1 metre, will provide 2.0 square metres of material). Wonderful for curtains or bed canopies.


EVOLUTION-ULTRA™ from Swiss-Shield® is a semi-transparent polyester fabric for shielding against high-frequency electromagnetic fields (HF) and low-frequency electric fields (LF).

Swiss-Shield® EVOLUTION-ULTRA™ [Sold by the Running Metre]

Excluding VAT
    • Typical application as elegant curtain, curtain lining, or for sewing a bed canopy.
    • Semi-transparent polyester fabric
    • Can be grounded due to the electrically conductive surface
    • Excellent value for money, due to special 2023 offer.
    • Textile properties: washable, ironable, sewable
    • Only £14.98 per sq.metre for this highly technical product
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