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HSF54 - Shielding paint for shielding high-frequency radiation (HF) and low-frequency electric fields (LF). Breathable, solvent-free, plasticizer-free and low-emission.


It has the best all-round properties – one paint suitable for everything. Up to 90 dB at 40 GHz. TÜV-SÜD certified. Extremely high shielding in all situations. Suitable for very difficult substrates due to its high adhesive tensile strength. This paint is very finely pigmented, very easy to process and forms a finely blended hard film.


This water-based, carbon shielding paint, for interiors and exteriors, is easy to apply, non-toxic, and water soluble; one coat covers about 7 square metres per litre.

HSF54 - Shielding Paint

Excluding VAT
  • If you intend to wallpaper over the paint, you must apply a coat of emulsion paint to seal the carbon paint before applying wallpaper paste. The HSF54 paint can be used outside and one coat covers between 3 to 8 square metres per litre, depending on how rough the surface finish is - eg you would get 3 square metres per litre on rough plaster. It can also be used inside in places where there may be high humidity such as a bathroom or kitchen. All painted surfaces should be earthed - ask us for help. If you are painting only a part of the outside wall, you may not need to earth it at all. If you are painting the whole wall, we recommend earthing it. Internal painted walls should be earthed because the paint is conductive and can pick up and re-radiate electric fields from house wiring. Net weight for shipping, per litre, is 1.6kg.

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