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NATURELL™, by Swiss-Shield® | Attenuation 40dB | fine cotton | non conductive | Width 250 cm, and sold by the running metre (which means the purchase of 1 metre, will provide 2.5 square metres of material).  Wonderful for curtains and custom bed canopies. 


This is our "Rolls Royce" shielding solution by Swiss Shield® - made of ’Ecological Cotton’ Öeko-Tex certified for baby underwear, but most popular as decor curtains and custom bed canopies. It stops over 99.99% (40dB) of incoming microwave radiation energy (300-6000MHz, a range that encompasses all four mobile/cellular phone bands, including GSM, 3G, 4G, TETRA/Airwave, cordless telephones, Wi-Fi, WiMax, and Bluetooth. It stops 90% (20dB) for 5G at 6-12GHz.

NATURELL™, by Swiss-Shield® [Sold by the Running Metre]

Excluding VAT
    • Ecological high-quality cotton fabric without chemicals
    • High screening attenuation for a cotton fabric
    • Excellent cost/performance ratio
    • Textile characteristics: opaque/semi-transparent, easy to sew, and is washable (easy to iron and process)
    • Electrically isolated surface, so it is not conductive
    • Only £35.86 per sq. metre for this highly technical product
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