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Same as HFW59D, but also comes with:


(1)  The omni-directional antenna UBB2410 for the 2.4 to 10 GHz frequency range, providing:

  • Horizontally-isotropic 360°-reception pattern - fundamental for long-term measurement recordings.
  • An advantage, especially for the identification of radar signals with an unknown location of the Transmitter.
  • Compact construction: identifies so-called "hot spots".


and (2)   the High Frequency Preamplifier HV20_2400G10, which increases the sensitivity of the HF-analyser by a factor of 100 (= 20 dB).

GigaHertz Solutions HF-Analyzer HFW59D PLUS (2.4 GHz - 10 GHz)

Excluding VAT
    • Peak Value, and Average Value, of the modulated part of the signal.
    • Its patented Peak Hold mode features extremely short response time, and is optimized for precise response to complex RADAR signals and bursts of less than 0.5 microseconds, and equally useful for pulses emitted by smart meters. You can choose a time setting for the droop rate.
    • Accuracy / Linearity Tolerance: +/– 3dB; Zero offset and rollover +/- 5 digits
    • Measurement Range: Power flux density: 1-1999 μW/m²; optionally 0.01-19,999 μW/m², via three Measuring Ranges:

    Measurement Range: Min: 1 – 1999 μW/m²

    Measurement Range: Max: 0.01 – 19.99 mW/m²

    Measurement Range (with opt DG20 attenuator): Min: 0.01 – 19.99 mW/m²

    Measurement Range (with opt DG20 attenuator): Max: 1 – 1999 mW/m²

    Measurement Range (with opt HV20 pre-amp): Min: 0.01 – 19.99 μW/m²

    Measurement Range (with opt HV20 pre-amp): Max: 0.1 – 199.9 μW/m²

    • Contains an internal high pass filer at 2.4GHz to reliably suppress the often dominant GSM and DECT cordless phone frequencies
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