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This can be worn over your head or over a hat (as shown here) to protect your head from EMR exposure. Many people find that wearing the E-Veil at night improves their quality of sleep dramatically, reducing the number of times they wake during the night.

The E-Veil is made of our swisstulle® Silver Bobbinet screening material, and is ideal for EMR protection both inside and outside the house. The E-Veil can be worn as it is, perhaps tucked into a sweater or coat, or it can be worn over a hat which will provide extra space around your face and head.

You can wear the E-Veil in the garden, when travelling or when visiting places where EMR exposure is likely, e.g. shopping centres.

Note: Do not use shampoos or other hair products containing lauryl sulphate during the time you are wearing this veil. The sulphur residues in your hair reduce its screening properties and will discolour it.

e-Veil (The Electrosmog Veil/Headnet)

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