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All things considered (price, protection, transparency, portability, quality, etc.), we believe our bed canopies, made of military grade Silver Bobbinet, score the highest and are a ’Best Buy’.

This material stops incoming microwave radiation energy over a range that encompasses cordless telephones, WiFi, WiMax, and Bluetooth, along with all major mobile/cellular phone bands (including 99% of GSM/Edge/2G and 3G; 95% of 4G and 5G (up to 8GHz); and 90% of 5G signals up to 12GHz).

It’s a silver-plated (non-allergenic) bobbinet fabric with conductive surfaces. Woven for durability, the fibres used are folded long staple Egyptian cotton, Lycra, polyamide, polyester, silk, and polypropylene, and it is hand washable (air-dry only, no tumble dry, no bleach, no ironing).

This canopy is a very light-grey in colour - see the image of its use as a bed canopy. It blends in nicely with any room decor, is lightweight and airy.  It is so lightweight, that one little hook in the ceiling is all that's needed; it's easy to adjust the height, and easy to pack up for travelling.

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Bed Canopy

Excluding VAT
  • Standard single bed size bell-shaped canopy, which is 9 feet / 2.74m high, with a circumference around the bottom of 10 yards / 9.14m. 

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